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Automotive Window Tint, Graphics, Paint, Airbrush, Audio and Security shop located in Garner NC.
Business Hours:  Tues-Fri 9am to 6pm  Sat 9am to 6pm  Sunday and Monday Closed

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Welcome to AutoFX New Website

Your welcome message here, it should say the same thing you would say if a visitor walked in the front door of your business or office. The greeting you would use and the small talk like Welcome, like glad you stopped by and how can we help you today? This text is temporary to demo your design; your content's added after the proof is approved.

Content is added just before publishing and after the demonstration and approved online. See the proofs section of for more information about how we demo a website for a new client or a redesign of a site for a current client.

Remember, the website you launch with doesn't have to be the one you finish with, we update on the fly and maintain a maintenance schedule that suits your budget.

Please Note: This is a proof, a sneak peek, a work in progress. Specifically intended to sample your design, not your content. To comment on this design, use the button at the bottom of the page. All models are unique and custom for our clients, after approval, it will belong to them exclusively.

This sample was built using new "Responsive Design" technologies. To sample on a Laptop or PC, resize your browser to view how it responds to size or display it on the appropriate device.

As a demo page, there are only a few (If any) live links. This page will give you an understanding of the overall design. Pages and content will be added after your approval. Also note: Changes after approval can be done during the maintenance phase of your website. The website you launch with doesn't have to be the one you finish with.


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Tint & Graphics
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Paint & Airbrush
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Audio & Security

Gallery and Albums

We use Google Photos to help you manage and share all your photos.  Your customers can view photos, albums, follow, share and comment all from your Google photos account linked from your website.  You upload and create albums, we simply make the website connections so your customer can follow.  

Our clients like that they can control their photos and upload as many as they like but we also have plans where we do the work for you.  Browse our photo managment plans for more info.

This will be your call to action message but for now it serves to help you understand how we design, manage and position your website in search engines.  Comment below or submit your approval form.

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